How It Works

So You've received a Call or Letter from Us...Now What?

If you've received a phone call or letter from us, it means we've located funds that either belong to you or a family member of yours. Contact us right away so that we can confirm that you are the person we're searching for.

Where did this money or asset come from?

Almost anywhere. Funds can originate from old bank or brokerage accounts, unknown inheritances are common, safe deposit boxes. Assets can be from storage facilities, corporate inventory of defunct companies, unclaimed name it.

Why is the money "unclaimed"?

For one reason or another the institution holding the funds has been unable to locate the rightful owners to return the money. So, literally billions of dollars sit in unclaimed accounts across the nation year after year. This money is lost and never gets found unless the owners of the unclaimed funds use a property locator service like Lord & Askew, LLC.

How It Works...

Once you have spoken to one of our 'Funds Recovery Specialists' and verbally agreed to allow us to work your claim, we will then set a time for you to meet with a local notary to review and sign the necessary paperwork, including our contingency agreement, the official government claim form and a limited power of attorney which allows us to act on your behalf. If you like, we'll even have the notary come right to your house, at our expense.

The Fun Part...

The notary will now inform you of the size of your claim and where it is being held. From this point forward you will always be in the loop about what is going on.

The Waiting...

Nobody likes to wait but now we must be patient. After meeting with you, the notary will fed-ex the documents to our office where we will immediately begin the process of submitting your claim. Agencies usually process the claims within two weeks and sometimes sooner. Once the claim is approved, we wait for 30 additional days (1 billing cycle) to be sure there have not been any errors with the claim.


On day 31 after the claim has been approved, we overnight your check straight to you!

It's as simple as that! Speak with us, meet with the notary, then wait for your check. What could you do with the extra money? Remember, we do all the work!

Did You Know?

Call Us...

Every year the U.S. Government becomes custodian to
billions of dollars that rightfully belong to ordinary citizens
like yourself. If left unclaimed, this money will eventually
be lost permanently to the agencies holding it. Without a company like Lord & Askew, LLc. on your side, you will likely never find out about the funds in your name.

We've got great news! If you've received a call or letter from
us, we've located unclaimed assets being held in your name!

But you must act fast. After a set amount of time expires, the government may keep this money...your money. Don't let this
happen to you.