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H.D. - "You did a good job! I appreciate it. You are great, the best I have had! I am very satisfied with what you have done and I really appreciate it. What was particularly good was that you never turned me down, when I called you always answered my questions and gave me an update. I appreciate that. You are great, I can’t say any more, you are great! Thank you!"

S.B. - "Dear Dan, This is S.B. I really appreciate all the help you were able to give us in settling my parents estate and releasing the funds. You were a God-send, and truly I can speak for all of us, all the siblings - You are a blessing! I am glad to have this resolved as it has been a long drawn out process. I really appreciate your help!"

A.A. - "This has been a journey! This is a blessing and a blessing will come unto you. The funds came right on time because my daughter had some things she had to do and my funds were low, so this worked out great! Dan, I appreciate it, you are a giant blessing!"

C.R. - "I had 4 other companies try to collect for me, but they all go through their thing and a few months later they never call back or nothing, no follow-up. You are the only one who really followed up and did everything, you did a great job! You went way beyond and beyond, and made the thing happen. I thank you Dan, I really do! I am going to tell my friends to call you."

B.L. - "I appreciate everything. You hung in there with me to the end when everybody else wouldn’t touch my case!"

S.G. - "I received my check today and wanted to say again, thank you for your help! I appreciate you and everything you did!"

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Every year the U.S. Government becomes custodian to
billions of dollars that rightfully belong to ordinary citizens
like yourself. If left unclaimed, this money will eventually
be lost permanently to the agencies holding it. Without a company like Federal Asset Recovery Specialists on your side,
you will likely never find out about the funds in your name.

We've got great news! If you've received a call or letter from
us, we've located unclaimed assets being held in your name!

But you must act fast. After a set amount of time expires, the government may keep this money...your money. Don't let this
happen to you.