Are you entitled to lost assets or unclaimed funds?

You may be entitled to unclaimed or lost assets.

In our experience helping clients recover lost or unclaimed assets,
we have collected a comprehensive list of sources holding money
and unclaimed assets. Using sophisticated software developed
specifically for our needs, our searches encompass far more than
any available Internet search.

Fill in the information below to take advantage of our lost asset
locating capabilities.

If you, your company, a relative or a friend shows up on our internal
data base search, either contact us by calling our toll-free number (706) 622-9800 or fill in the following and we will contact you within 48 hours.

Did You Know? Call Us...

Every year the U.S. Government becomes custodian to
billions of dollars that rightfully belong to ordinary citizens
like yourself. If left unclaimed, this money will eventually
be lost permanently to the agencies holding it. Without a company like Lord & Askew, LLC. on your side, you will likely never find out about the funds in your name.

We've got great news! If you've received a call or letter from
us, we've located unclaimed assets being held in your name!

But you must act fast. After a set amount of time expires, the government may keep this money...your money. Don't let this
happen to you.